Patient Summary

May 28, 2013: 20-year-old female patient presented to the emergency room of this hospital presenting a feverish 38.5 ° with severe and acute pain in the chest.

We proceeded to take his vital signs presenting a 120/80 blood pressure and an examination was made by touch in the pain area and detecting inflammation in the breast, so he proceeded to ask for a blood sample for his multiplex analysis and a magnetic resonance of the afected area.

Patient Timeline
Patient Information
ID Age Weight Height Sex Analiced Markers
345S2DS 34 67 Kg 172 cm Female
  • BCRA1
  • CDS1
  • P53
Tumor Diagnosis
Class Organ Stage Probability
Non Tumoral Breast 0 80%
Tumoral Breast 1 10%
Tumoral Breast 2 10%